Stuart Olyott
Stuart Olyott, preacher and author, has been a minister for over fifty years​, and became pastor of Caergwrle Evangelical Church in 2018. He and Doll (who died in 2017) have eight sons, and too many grandchildren to count!

jeff_pughJeff Pugh
Jeff Pugh is a retired college lecturer. He is from South Wales originally and was converted at the age of 23. He moved to North Wales in 1974 because of his teaching employment and now lives in Caergwrle. He is married to Sian and they have three grown-up children. He became an elder in 1985 and is the church secretary. He is Welsh speaking and has opportunities to preach in Welsh in local chapels.

pete_kPete Kasprowicz
Pete was born in Angus, Scotland, the third of eight kids, four boys and four girls. His wife-to-be, Ruby lived across the street, the second of six kids, three boys and three girls, in the village of Tealing where they grew up. Whilst studying Maths and Physics at Dundee, Pete became “hooked” on computers and then followed a career in IT services from which he retired in 2014. Also whilst studying, he was “hooked” in a very different way as Pete & Ruby’s paths crossed again and he saw her as the young woman she had become. They have been married for over forty years and have three adult children, each of whom is also married, and ten grandchildren.
It was in their twenties, having moved to the village of Over in Cambridgeshire, that God graciously broke into their lives, first into Ruby’s life and, through her witness and new Christian friends, into Pete’s life. The patterns of their lives changed significantly as they sought to follow Christ and were led to East Grinstead and served together for ten years in church youth work and, laterally in parallel, two years in community youth work. In 1997 they were called to Caergwrle to begin the youth and community outreach which became Rock Salt. Pete was appointed an elder on July 5th, 2015.

Steve Legge
Steve comes from a railwaying family in Crewe. He moved to North Wales in 2001 , is married to Paula and has two children.